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I was having to search for a new storage facility after my previous facility continued to raise the rates and I had to move out. The facility is clean and the staff is extremely friendly. I found this storage facility because of a friend who was using it. Not only did I like the facility, but it's off a bus line, which is perfect for people without cars. I will definitely recommend it! Everything was clean, the move in was easy, with carts and elevators handy. This particular Cube Smart has everything you might want in a storage facility. Nice friendly people, clean and well made.

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We had one outside unit and one inside with temperature control. I only have 2 complaints.

One is there is not enough dolly carts for the inside storage. Two - tired of Cube Smart raising the rates. That is why I reduced down to one unit. The manager is always super friendly and smiling. Location is very close to where I live. Staff was friendly and helpful, and I was always confident that my belongings in storage were safe. Cube smart was great. They are located fairly close to our new apartment and the security on premises never made me question if our stuff was safe or not.

My only complaint would be the price. Good Location on Riverside. Great customer service, we never had problems with our storage unit. Good customer service, clean facility, multiple carts available. Would highly recommend!

The Property Mgr at the Riverside and Pleasant Valley location is the most gracious and easy going Mgr to ever operate a storage facility. I would highly recommend that people who are looking for a new storage facility go see UB at the pleasant valley location. Great Guy and Mgr.

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The weekend staff is incredibly helpful, knowledgeable and attentive to customers. Facilities are safe, clean, and accessible. It is a storage facility. As such it served its purpose. No problems with them. We were blown away by the features and professionalism at this storage location. We opted for temperature controlled units. They have carts around the property readily available to help you get moved in.

The place was very clean. The temperature control initially had problems but they fixed it right away. We were initially worried that our stuff would get hit by the storms but the facility was clean and dry, so we were happy to stop worrying.

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The access is very secure. There are secure walls between units as well. There is CC monitoring. Best of all was the excellent customer service. All our concerns and questions were taken care of. We never had to worry. I hope that if I need to use storage in the future, that this place will be available. I have a unit outside and one inside. The one inside is easily accessible on the elevator and there are always carts to be used for heavier items. My only request has been to have them side by side but that was an availability issue since I rented them at different times. However, the gentleman who helped me said that he would put a not in my file so that I could get them together as soon as something came up.

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Thank you for your lovely facility. I was very happy and satisfied storing my stuff here. I am upset that the price went up, but it's understandable and it went up right when I was moving out anyway. I found a tiny roach in the hallway one day but in the full year that I was there, I had never seen one before so I didn't get too mad. Overall the space was clean, it was never crowded so there were always carts available. The guy that works at the office was super nice and friendly!!

Thank you! I had a great experience with CubeSmart in Austin. UB Cortez was the manager there and he was super professional, and did a fantastic job of managing the property. I felt safe and secure having him there looking after the property. He was even kind enough to check on the unit and update me if there were any issues.

I didn't properly place my lock and I left town, UB was kind enough to not only call me, but fix my lock for me. I really appreciate his attention to detail and care for me. I wish more business had people like him that cared for the customers and their work. Great experience thank you UB!

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A little expensive, but I'm glad I had such a convenient place to store my furniture! Nice facility, with safe, secure, and clean facilities. Management is attentive and responsive. Carts are provided, however it is a little challenging to move in and out, as the property was designed on a hill, so the drainage channels for rain are steep and it makes it hard to move carts around.

Otherwise, repeated access is easy and I felt at ease that my items were fine. We have been with Cubesmart for a couple if years now and we have not had any problems. Everyone is helpful and polite. I find the staff extremely helpful and courteous.

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The locker was very clean when I moved in and the facilities very clean. Every time I try to log into this website to pay my bill, it's always such a hassle. I have to reset my password at least twice to get logged in.

Why not let the browser just remember the freeking password???? This is a real pain in the you know where!!!! UB Cortez is very friendly and helpful. He recently helped me switch from an outside to a climate controlled area- he was so considerate -he took some of my trash away when I wasn't looking! Excellent customer service. Grounds are always clean. Convenient hours. The location is great, and very quiet facility.

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All the days that I have gone, I have not had a problem getting into my unit. There are always dollies available, and I feel safe here. Great facility,neat ,clean ,very well kept and secure.. UB the manager walked me through the location and made sure my gate code worked. Security is utmost importance and the whole storage facility is clean. Plenty of lights. They really take good care of you and make it easy to pay them and I would recommend anyone to them.

Clean and secure facility.