Xfinity deals for new customers

With this program, there is no term contract, no credit check, and no installation fee. You may even be eligible for free computer and internet training classes. To get more information on whether this entire program is offered in your area, call your local Comcast office. If you do not qualify for the Internet Essentials Program, Comcast does offer other internet plans.

This is the least expensive internet only package that Comcast offers. For many seniors who just want basic internet service, the Performance Internet service will do the job at the least expensive price offered. If you choose to bundle your internet service with other Comcast services, you could save more on your monthly bill.

How To Get Comcast Promotions For Existing Customers

These are the bundle packages available:. Comcast also offers Quad Play packages that include home security services as well. Those prices are not available online as you need to call your local Comcast office to see what services you can get in your area. He did mention that the industry is a promotional industry and that Comcast now expects to lose customers to the cyclical promotion game. She said it would be free, nope!!

They are not negotiating anymore from my recent experience. Without competition they can pretty much do as they please. Had some luck lowering my comcast bill this week. Didnt get anywhere with the chat agent, had to call the retention department and play sweet on the phone. I was also able to get more channels and faster Internet as part of the deal.

XFINITY Internet

Like others have said, they tried to upsale me. So I went online and used their chat.

The original rep eventually transferred me to a Sales Specialist, who gave me the lower offer. Used your advice, got the new X1 receiver, more channels including hbo and same internet speeds. This is great if switching companies. Hey Mr.

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Miller…thanks so much for your post! I just followed your instructions to the letter. I am currently paying Comcast I do own my own modem so saved on that fee, too! Thanks again, Kim. Thanks for these tips. I took the chat route to see if I could get a reduction and it took some effort but I eventually succeeded.

The result was it would cost me more to get less. I just called them with no intention of getting a reduction — I finally got around to setting up the roku in the basement and decided to just get rid of the cable tv. Would like to get cheaper internet and phone, but not sure which company can offer the speeds that comcast offer and i want to keep my email address. Funny you should say this because my comcast bill was slowly going up every month. I called and spoke to a rep. In retention.

I asked if we can somehow lower my bill. I accepted the offer and had the tech install the new dvr boxes. Come 4 days later streampix was not working. Promised me that the chage would fall off in a day. More than what I originally was paying. I was so mad I could spit nails. After being on the phone for 10 hours and speaking to 24 reps. Finally a rep. That made me a little happier.

Even though I was swallowing the 3movie channels they took away from me. So one day I called to pay my bill and I discovered that the rep.

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I havebeen on the phone for 4 hours and spoken to 7 reps. With no resolve. I reported a complaint to the better business bbureau. In the meantime I am waiting for a call back which I doubt they will follow through. Do not use comcast!!! I spent almost 10 minutes just trying to get to the supervisor never did before finally googling and ending up here thank you! Just got off the phone with em…no such luck this time around.

Still managed to knock ten bucks off. Not sure that was really worth the phone call, but it got my dad off my back. Worth it. Comcast has been a nightmare!! Everytime we called our internet had misteriously dropped speed and the agent had to raise it back up.

We were told it was our modem and we needed to rent one from Comcast. I called to seriously cancel service. The person talked me into a package after 2 hours of me trying to cancel my service. I got off the phone to find out our tv was only getting 3 channels.

Comcast to Include Netflix in Xfinity1 Bundle Packages

Called back, that department was closed, tech guy changed service back at an even higher cost, now I have to call Monday to truly cancel service. I will never use Comcast again! God help the people that choose home security with these crooks. But she was addament that I was wrong, wrong, wrong!

Comcast XFINITY Triple Play Bundle - Get Your $ VISA Prepaid Card

Well I called right back to speak with a diff rep. Still it all too expensive but some good came along for me. I saw I could have saved more on a small service revision but the wife said No! But where I failed was Comcast never took it off the bill. Comcast refunded 6 months worth. Tired of paying almost a month we decided to call and see what could be done. First my husband called, got a rate of I said, one of the companion boxes could be basic which is now only 1.